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Retail investors have long been relegated to underperforming strategies and below-average market returns. Without a wealth of experience or access to coveted resources, they have to hire costly financial advisors or dump their investments into vanilla robo-advisors that lack transparency. And who wants to do that?

This is because just a few firms control the $25+ trillion fund management industry. In fact, nearly 75 percent of the $21 trillion mutual fund industry is under the helm of just three companies, and five firms manage 90 percent of the $5 trillion ETF marketplace. So this means limited product differentiation and a whole host of investing barriers for the average person.

Until now.

Enter:, a hedge fund in your pocket. At, we’re hacking Wall Street to give you access to the same advanced investment strategies that Wall Street banks and hedge funds have always leveraged.

We’re the anti-investment firm, here to tear down the walls that prevent you from accumulating wealth—granting you premier access to the world’s top-performing private investment strategies. Because it’s time you had the power to build wealth.

What makes different?

In interviews with everyday investors, we discovered that what they really want isn’t just another robo-advisor. There are already free trading platforms and digital financial advisors aplenty. What these all fail to offer is robust portfolio management. Specifically, they don’t offer access to unique investment strategies, best-in-class fund managers and top-quality financial advice. exists to help investors manage risk and unexpected market swings by automatically trading stocks and ETFs for you. And you can do all of this without lifting a finger. So it’s truly the first AI-powered, multi-strategy digital investment app of its kind.

Plus, no hidden fees or commissions – just a $100 minimum to start.

To sum up the difference:

  • Invest with as little as $100
  • Thematic investment kits
  • Built by hedge fund quants and investing experts with unmatched expertise
  • Complete portfolio diversification and multi-asset investing
  • No hidden management fees or surprise costs
  • Four (4) Signature investing kits to help you build a completely personalized portfolio
  • NEW Limited Edition investment kits
  • Investment kits are meticulously stacked with different combinations of ETFs, stocks, options and cryptocurrency
  • Downside Protection feature to minimize risk
  • Performance predicting AI

About our investing kits

So you can easily invest in the world’s top performing wealth-building strategies, with the power of award-winning AI that’s constantly working to optimize performance, reduce risks and maximize returns.

Moreover, to make things even easier, we created a quick assessment that will recommend an AI-powered kit that aligns with each user’s risk tolerance. Of course, users will have the option to select their own investment kit – or multiple kits. So you’re spoiled for choice!

Four Signature investing kits:

  • Global Trends – Our AI deep learning global macro kit that provides exposure to stocks, bonds, emerging markets, forex, oil, gold, and VIX
  • Value Vault – A value investing kit that focuses on alternative value metrics like economic value and EBIT/EV yields
  • Emerging Tech – A hybrid kit that trades stocks and ETFs that focus on next-generation consumer and tech companies
  • Power Factor – An agile kit that trades only a handful of leading factor ETFs with AI

All of our kits auto-adapt to market moves, so you don’t have to worry about managing your investments either. So just sit back and relax while AI crunches the numbers.

That’s Investing Reimagined.

Don’t settle for DIY trading, robo-advisors or lacking investment “advice” ever again.

Download and let AI manage your money with institutional-grade, AI-powered investment kits – totally commission-free.