5 Top Investing Podcasts to Help You Learn More

Listening to podcasts is a great way to kill time in traffic, spend your weekends unwinding, learn something new while cooking dinner, and more. And, if you can learn more about something important — like, say, investing — why wouldn’t you? Investing can be an intimidating topic for newbies. Even if you already invest or are well-versed in the world of investing, there is always more you can learn.

Fortunately for you, there is a whole wealth of entertaining and resourceful investing podcasts out there from which to choose. Here are five of our favorites.

5 Top Investing Podcasts

If you don’t already have these five podcasts downloaded and ready, you absolutely should.

1. Invest Like the Best

Patrick O’Shaughnessy, CEO of O’Shaughnessy Asset Management and host of Invest Like the Best, pushes out about hour-long podcasts a few times per week. In his episodes, he interviews investors, CEOs and founders to talk about all things investing — including competitive advantages and business strategies to help companies become more attractive to investors. Episodes include everything from “Learning How to Sell” to “Designing Digital Economies.”

2. Let’s Talk ETFs

Let’s Talk ETFs is one of our favorite investing podcasts, which is by Seeking Alpha. And it’s entirely dedicated to exchange-traded funds (ETFs). ETF expert Jonathan Liss is the host of the podcast, and he chats with industry insiders like financial advisors, asset managers and ETF issuers on everything from the structures of ETFs to how the space has evolved over time. For example, one of the latest episodes is “The Perception & Truth Behind ESG ETFs and Investing.”

3. Motley Fool Money

On Motley Fool, host Chris Hill sits down with investment analysts, best-selling authors and other industry experts to offer listeners financial and business news and insights on how it all impacts the stock market. Recently, a hot topic has been inflation, for example. Enter: his episode, “Investors vs. Inflation.” Upon record earnings reports from Alphabet, Amazon, and Apple, he pushed out “Big Tech, Huge Earnings.”

4. We Study Billionaires

Preston Pysh and Stig Brodersen study and sit down with famously financially powerful people in We Study Billionaires, which is the flagship podcast of The Investor’s Podcast Network, which produces many investing podcasts. Each episode, which dives into everyone from Howard Marks to Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, is about 45 minutes to an hour long. So, you should take some time to listen intently.

5. Money for the Rest of Us

Money for the Rest of Us is a fascinating listen. In this podcast, J. David Stein, a former chief investment strategist and money manager, talks about how to manage your money in such a way that you never have to worry about it. Money for the Rest of Us is for those who do not want to rely on anyone else but, rather, who want to take control of their personal finances. Therefore, topics cover everything from asset allocation to how to invest with just a small amount of money. So it’s worth a listen for all level investors!

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